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Happy New You?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I wanted to write a post about this year and have a chance to reflect, thank and reminisce on a few things.

I swear as I get older the “year” seems to fly by faster and faster and the chances and opportunities, to fill each year, gets harder! I think mainly because we all get wrapped up in routines, work, situations (good and bad) and just general day-to-day life which doesn’t leave much time to do what you love!

I managed to do a lot of things I wanted to do this year, from consolidating some classes, getting my first tattoo (thank you Sarah!) buying a house, finished an online training course, going back to Amsterdam and more importantly put on more shows which pushed me as an artist and as a business. I’ve gained more friends through work and through social activities and lost a few through their “busy” schedules or busy mouths.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank a few people this year who have helped me make some unforgettable memories.

James you’ve been a star this year and really am very proud of you - Ariana was the best and can’t wait for more adventures next year.

Laura and Abi - you both did amazing this Christmas and I’m so glad we smashed another show together (along with some fantastic new girls that joined us for the Christmas period) Really hope we all work together again.

Vicky, Laura, Jamie, Shane, Chris, Andy, Josh, Maria and Andrew - thank you for all your help with making our house a home. You all helped me and Ryan at times I genuinely was loosing the will. Kristy if it wasn’t for you - we wouldn’t even BE in the position we are now both in. You’ve helped us BOTH secure a future I never thought I’d get.

Ryan - we say “it is what it is...” but what it is, is special. Love you very much and couldn’t have got where WE are without you.

There is plenty of other people I could thank including parents for having trust and faith in me every Saturday at your kids dance classes. The dancing kids, for not only keeping me on my toes each week but for making me smile and see all the good there is in this (sometimes twisted) world. Friends I don’t see often but think about every day. People that put me forward (and recommend what I do) for gigs, workshops, parties, hen parties and more. The family I have that do support me and the family that don’t, that make me stronger. Storm, I miss you so much...first Christmas without you. Dad even more.

To everyone - have an amazing new year, do what you love. Don’t settle for anything less. I know some of you probably think I chat shit - but honestly, one thing I’ve learnt is life doesn’t give you any clue to what is going to come or what’s going to happen. There are no guarantees for any of us - day to day. So why not just enjoy yourself, laugh, be an idiot, dance, smile, party, cry, say hello, get up, walk, create, make and LIVE. Next year is my TEN year anniversary with JUST JAY DANCE... so let’s see what happens!

Happy New Year to all of you and your family (however weird and wonderful)

Much Love

Jay x x

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