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What did YOU do?

So who’d have thought we’d still be here? Honestly?

It’s 2021 and yet it still very much feels like July 2020 without the sun. I know personally I’ve struggled - am struggling but I think it’s important I say that. There’s so many people out there pretending they’re okay and “coping” when in fact their not and that’s the biggest problem COVID has caused!

Mental health is so important and I’m not talking about the attention seeking drama queens that post every single day on Facebook cosy at home. I’m talking about the REAL struggle people are having and the fact this virus has stopped us from seeing the people we love. It’s also stopped people from allowing to express how scared they are. How vulnerable they are. How lost and under appreciated they have been made to feel. It’s shit. Sorry to curse but there is no other word.

I don’t want to be negative but I can’t deny I haven’t felt betrayed by certain companies that have reached out and used other “teachers” for workshops. Or been annoyed seeing other foundations / organisations (that do sod all) get’s laughable to be honest. Where were you before the pandemic? The same place you’ll be after it. It’s all MONEY to so many of much MONEY they make off someone’s else’s struggle. Where’s the charity?

Saying that, the spirit of some communities, families and friends coming together (whether it be online, FaceTime, packages, food parcels, charity) has been amazing to watch. The people that have gone above and beyond to reach out to the vulnerable. However big or small the should be all be so proud of yourselves. To all the small businesses that are STILL holding on. WE survive this...WE can survive ANYTHING!

I was nominated lockdown hero which was amazing to be recognised. This lockdown has taught me to use my skills as best as I can. Whether it be story telling, quizzes, tutorials, getting drunk live on Facebook or just talking to the kids that I usually see each week. It’s pushed me more than I ever thought possible. So thank you for giving me that chance to help, as always... it means THE WORLD.

All I’ll say is when this is over, which it will.. I want to be able to look back and say “I DID ALL I COULD TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR OTHERS”

What story will you be telling because I believe in karma and silver linings. I want to look back at COVID and be able to say “I did all I could to help.”

So when this bitch of a pandemic is over, the worlds going to look a lot different and I sure as hell want to be seen for the good I did... not the greed.

What about you?

Much Love

Jay x x

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