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So it's only going to be a quick post but I wanted to share my excitement (and appreciation) for this years adventures!

Firstly, as many of you have already seen - I am back with JERSEY BEYOND which I am thrilled about. Touring up and down the country in our very own ULTIMATE ARTISTES "Jersey Boys" tribute show! It would be great to see some of you however I am planning a "home gig" so keep your eyes peeled!

Just Jay Dance is still very much performing this year including WHERSTEAD PARK "DISCO 54" and back again with "TRINITY SCARES" at Trinity Park. I am already starting to look for performers and people interested in scaring people - so contact me if you (or someone you know) is interested!

With regards to the DANCE CLASSES - they have changed from WEEKENDS to AFTER SCHOOL clubs to help parents that have busy weekends (myself included) while still also being at Gainsborough Sports Centre & Brackenbury Sports Centre. I'm keeping the classes the same price to help with the "ever-rising" living costs and will continue to do so while I can! Again, if you're struggling I will help where I can.

I hope you have a fantastic SPRING and if you've any questions feel free to contact me on , through FACEBOOK (Just Jay Dance), instagram @Justjaydance....and even TIkTOk!!

Much love

Jay xoxo

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