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7 days a week..

That's what it feels like sometimes teaching - it's never ending.

As one class is going ahead, I'm already travelling to the next before long or planning the music for the day after. Scheduling the next meeting - sending the late email or reading the new rules or regulations of a venue - or dealing with arseholes..yep, I said it...A.R.S.E.H.O.L.E.S. The crap I get given is sometimes beyond a joke and honestly I feel like (sometimes) I'm being set up. 

For instance - I recently had a mother approach me in a gym, while I was working out (well I was stretching lol) - and she asked me (straight out) "So Jay, how can you afford to be a member here?'re a dance teacher" I wanted to hit her in the face with a rolled up yoga mat... I won't write my reply but it consisted of the words listed on the back of a toilet door. I work SO hard - as many other people do...but it's such a shame that people within the entertainment industry (however small or big their part is) don't get the same respect from everyone. One thing I struggle with is people being patronising to me. Yes, I'm aware I look like a member from East 17 or Backstreet Boys (I wish) when coming to and from classes but it doesn't give people the right to talk down to me because they assume I'm mid 20s and clueless! Only the other day I had a RUDE woman tell me how she thought a routine would look better a certain way...because clearly she's watched "Strictly come dancing" once and obviously she's a pro now. Or how this woman last week thought it was appropriate to tell me (more like insist) on what she thinks she should pay me AFTER after taking part in a dance class. Imagine doing that in a restaurant..."I'm only going to pay you £4.25 as I felt the mash potato wasn't smooth enough" they'd tell you to sod off - which is exactly what I did to her.

I don't expect everyone to like me or my honesty - or even the way I am or can be blunt and tell it how it is. But I'm sick of filters and fakeness, failed promises and false pretences. I'm tired of being told yes when they know it's no or being built up to be thrown back down. 

So yes I will say when I think you're being unfair, I will tell you if I think you're being rude, I will say NO, I will continue to be myself because I am a good teacher and I love what I do (and the kids and students) and won't change to fit the stereotype of pretending to be a "perfect role model"....because what is perfect?

Because I still haven't seen it!

I won't allow myself to be put into a box and made to feel less of a person because I wear track suits and baseball caps or because I go out in London and drink and dance till 6am! Or because I don't kiss parents arses too keep numbers up or suck up to judges, sponsors, govening bodies, contracts...instead I just try to be nice and as my Gran has always said to me "Be kind and be tolerant of others because people are stupid" - love you Gran x

I work hard - I laugh - I'm honest - I try - I fail - I get back up - I smile - I encourage - I help - I dream and I tell it how it is....7 days a week - so should you...

Much love 

Jay xx

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