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Kirsty's Q&A's

Kirsty is one of the final girls to help out with what she thinks about the kids and the dances!...

What is your favourite routine so far in the show "Dance Domination"? Obviously I love the ballet but also love sister act and the music box one (Jess and Alfie) What has been the most challenging part of the show? Being organised for rehearsals, but I imagine the dress run will be!! Is there any particular children that have shocked you in a good way? There are a few kids who you can tell have definitely been practising at home!! But over all I think they have all done well. Which routine do you wish you were in? Music box and sister act because they are are sassy and well performed. Using one word how would you describe the rehearsals? "Manic!" 

Let's hear it for the boys tomorrow when we get some feedback from both Ryan and Dean who have been a great support with the show rehearsals!

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