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It's crazy how a day from hell can turn completely upside down in a matter of moments and then be back to normal...whatever "normal" is! So this blog is going to be the positives to the negatives and continue like that!

POSITIVE - I first found out that my good friend Matt Edwards had made it through to the FINAL of BRITAINS GOT TALENT, he didn't win - but I'm sure that's not why he went on it. Instead, going on these programs can boost your business and fan base meaning he can now charge double, triple - maybe even quadruple what he would usually charge! If he plays the game well it could just be the break he needs and it only takes one person to sign him to a televised kids magic show or production company! I'm so happy for him though and wish him all the luck for the future! Meow x

NEGATIVE - The month then took a turn for the worse with finding out that Maidenhall IS closing over the summer with much needed refurbishments on the hall and gym. Because they need to turn off the water and electricity to do the refurbishments, for health and safety reasons children and participants can't be in there doing classes in the dance studio. I'm hoping when it's handed back to the school all classes will return as normal. Until then I'm going to be based between whitton and Inspire Suffolk (which may be a good thing as new people can join in from the area!) But as soon as I know anything - I will let everyone know!

POSITIVE - I got to meet ANASTACIA (most of you probably saw her plastered all over my social media so

this won't come as a surprise at all! But it was such an amazing moment! She was so humble and sassy! She took time to ask me about my singing and a program I was involved in YEARS ago with her. We spoke about her concert and I just told her how amazing I thought her songs, voice and general attitude with life was (fighting cancer etc.) Not many people realised that £5 from every ticket went to Cancer research - she doesn't brag about it - she just does it because it's her way of giving something back. That I admire.

Celine Dion is the next big concert...only waited 20 years to see her...I'm going to be a mess! It's been a lifelong dream to see her perform and the fact she's coming to London is just amazing! I just love concerts, the atmosphere, the passion, the vibration of the bass in your chest and the applause!

Just wish it was me up there on the stage instead!

NEGATIVE - Recently I had a bit of backlash with having the VERY capable and lovely Laura cover one of my classes. It wasn't her first time covering and certainly won't be her last. A parent (which I won't name and shame) decided to publically write on my "facebook wall" that it was "disgusting" and "highly unprofessional" that I didn't personally take the class. She proceeded to write how much I apparently make and that it was wrong for me to be at a concert when I should have been teaching.

Ok, let me get one thing straight - "Just Jay Dance" is the NAME of my company - and for the last 8/9 years of doing this it's never been "JUST ME" - I've had assistants from day one helping me with classes, looking after the children, covering my illnesses, my dads funeral, other gigs I've had and auditions...and up until THIS week it's never been a problem.

Secondly, it states very clearly on the FAQs of this website AND on the consent forms for the classes that "for whatever reason I am not present there will be a suitable and qualified person to take the class who will have the appropriate insurance, DBS and training" - IF someone doesn't like the fact "it's not JUST ME" then they are more than welcome to get their £5 back (at the start of the class) and come the following week! I even told the children I wouldn't be there the following week and instead of just cancelling the class, I would arranged cover with Laura (who's with me EVERY WEEK anyway!) Her child didn't hear this most probably because the child in question was in fact 10 minutes late for the class...

Thirdly - I PRIDE myself in seeing "JUST JAY DANCE" grow as a business and slowly is being recognised at being professional and reliable and HONEST! But with growth comes sacrifice and unfortunately I can't make every session, can't be at every performance, can't personally answer every phone call, every day... So to be able to grow as a business and remain punctual/professional I have had to delegate roles to people over the years that are MORE than capable of running an amazing class (to my standard and with my approval!)

I trust the girls that cover me immensely and they take SUCH pride and honour in delivering strong, fun and educational classes! The parent in question thought it mature and appropriate to also discuss how much "she assumed" I took home at the end of the day and to no surprise - got it wrong. If you have a problem with me you only have to google "Just Jay Dance" to get an email address, phone number or website not plaster it all over Facebook trying to make me look unprofessional and in return her getting "trolled" by other parents/friends who understand HOW hard I work and HOW MUCH I sacrifice to do these classes (some I don't make huge profits on) but I do, because I enjoy the class.

Her comments didn't work and as most of you know - I won't hold off with what I think, especially if I know I haven't done anything wrong. So I'm sorry I won't be changing the way I do things. Yes "JUST JAY DANCE" isn't "JUST JAY" teaching but it IS my company and "JUST JAY DANCE" will remain the way that "JAY" wants it.

Anyway - hopefully that explains everything! I really do love all the comments (well most of them), the videos, the pictures, the attendees of the classes, the kids, the girls and the parents that work effortlessly to be able to pay for their kids to come to the classes. Have a great weekend!

Much Love

Jay x x

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