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Behind the scenes...

It's funny that when people watch a show they come up to me afterwards and tell me how good it is or creative/entertaining it is! But honestly the easiest bit (most of the time) is the actual show itself! 

The hard work is trying to create new choreography / find costumes that work / fit in time to rehearse and doing all the promoting / advertising and pulling everything together. 

That's one thing I found quite difficult with these Christmas shows that we've got coming up. I've tried to create choreography that is both entertaining as well as challenging for the dancers! Also trying to find costumes that are appropriate and within my budget!! Most costumes that you find online can look cheap and tacky and it can almost ruin all the hard work you put in - just because the outfits/costumes look so terrible!! So I try my best to make it look professional as well as feasible!

This will be the first Christmas that I have two separate shows "out" at the same time – which is a slight worry for me because I like to be in complete control of everything (I suppose you can call me a control freak) but because it is my business and my name I want to make sure everything is perfect and I'm not letting anybody down with the promises I've made regarding the shows and what I'll provide. 

As "Just Jay Dance" grows and expands it makes me reflect more on things I've done in the past and makes me think of how much work, old managers I've had in the past, have put in and probably felt unappreciated! The times I've moaned about the costumes I've had to wear in the past or even the times (I dare say!) that I felt tired when truly my old managers were really the ones that were tired and I know how that feels now. It's exhausting, trying to keep seven girls happy with costumes, rehearsals, challenges and trying to push them all individually is a job in itself! Whilst still teaching, training, trying pursuing my own career as a performer and also trying to maintain a social life! 

I'm not complaining as I love what I do but it really is funny talking to people who tell me what they would struggle with "doing this job" and what they would find quite enjoyable – and usually its the other way round for me! 

The rehearsals have been long and tiring for both the dancers and myself. It's quite a relief once I've shown the girls all the routines (and taught them) as once I've taught them it's almost like offloading a huge amount of pressure and releasing some choreography from my brain!! Even though sometimes it's really difficult to let go and almost sad when you let choreography, that you've spent hours and hours choreographing – slip away! Mind you – I like to try and remember as much as I can as some of the sneaky girls tend to love changing bits....erm no. Lol.

Fingers crossed anyone coming to watch the shows will enjoy them and take time to watch them, appreciate them and also spare a thought of how much work does actually go into the shows that we put on for you. I really hope I bump into some of you at Christmas (especially if you're absolutely plastered at the office Christmas party!)

Much love

Jay xx 

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