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Here comes the boys Q&A's!!

Ryan and his brother Dean have been fantastic at keeping the rehearsals going. Whether it be helping the children go through their routines to toilet runs and stopping the tears to giving encouragement to the older ones... they both answer the "Dance Domination" questions below!

What is your favourite routine so far in the show "Dance Domination"? R - It's so hard to pick! I would say singing in the rain 

D - I would have to say 'As long as you love me' as it was my favourite one to help learn from Jay and then teach them! What has been the most challenging part of the show? R - Learning choreography to teach the kids after Jay had showed me!

D - For me it's remembering some of the routines in which Jay asked me to teach, as I'm not a dancer like the guys!  Is there any particular children that have shocked you in a good way? R - Owen Luke , their solo was very well put together for their age we were all pleasantly surprised! D - I wouldn't say there was any one in particular - I'm honest they've all surprised in how well they've remembered the routines!

Which routine do you wish you were in? R - The cell block tango, it's so sassy! 

D - I'd have to say the boy band, I mean, who didn't want to be in a boy band when they were little?! Using one word how would you describe the rehearsals? R - "Challenging!" 

D -  "Challenging!"

Tomorrow we meet some of the mums who've helped with sorting costumes, tantrums and tears!!

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