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Rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals....

Well the children are all hard at work in rehearsals - as well as the girls within the troupe who'll be featuring in the show too!

I'm so excited but that's currently buried underneath a ton of worry, work, stress and choreography! But the pressure is good for me. If I can manage to pull this off in under 10 weeks then at least I know it's possible and IF I do it again, I'll have a better idea of a rough time frame of how long kids shows take to produce! 

The girls have been fantastic as well as Ryan and Dean who have stepped in and helped organise the kids too. Jess and Laura's mum have also been fantastic with keeping an eye on the kids during rehearsals! I couldn't have done this without all of them so thank you xx

 It's been (so far) such an eye opener to watch the kids progress and I really hope they pull together and put on the best show they can! 

Tickets can be purchased through this website (via the news page) or by just visiting the link below!

It would be amazing to have you there supporting them. 

5 more weeks to go!...

Much love

Jay x x

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