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I decided that I needed a little break over summer (everyone needs a break now and then!) so I headed to the U.S.A on my todd!

It was the most exhilarating experience ever and I strongly recommend anyone to do it! I was scared - excited - nervous - surprised and inspired with what I saw, did and learnt! I wrote a blog while being out there and if you're interested in reading it please feel free to go to the LINK BELOW!

WARNING - some bits aren't for the faint hearted!

Apart from returning back to a million emails it was nice to sleep in my own bed and feel refreshed ready for the new term which is OPEN NOW! I have loads of new ideas and great new songs I'm excited to dance too PLUS the dance troupe have 35 shows coming up before the end of the year! Take a look on the NEWS PAGE to see where you can come and support us!!

One place we're excited to perform again is at Ipswich Regent for "IPSWICH HAS GOT TALENT 2016 - Champion of Champions" (the LAST ONE!) - it would mean SO much to win again against winners of previous years and IGT favourites... PLEASE buy tickets and come support us and PLEASE CHEER loud for us too! We have a great surprise lined up for you all and are doing something we've never done before!

Also I'm doing a BACK TO SKOOL disco for all the kiddies - bringing all my DJ equipment/speakers and lights and also the JUST JAY DANCE GIRLS will be there to dance with the kids too making sure we have ONE BIG PARTY before summer is OVER! Sad times!! Booking your children's place for that is also on the SHOP page!!

That's all for now - can't wait to see you all soon!

Much Love

Jay x x

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