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I'm really happy to tell everyone that we have a new addition to JUST JAY DANCE! Her names Daniella and she's lovely! Not only can she dance but is an amazing singer which is just what we need in our new show POPTASTIC which is in 8 weeks time!!! (Have you got your tickets?)

I hate auditioning people as know myself how horrible it is attending one! So try and make the auditions as painless as possible! Just because someone may not be right for "Poptastic" doesn't mean that they aren't suitable for the next project! Daniella just fitted in really well with us and after a trial clearly made an impact on us! I look forward to her joining us on stage soon! I look forward to you all meeting her and watching her dance and listening to her sing!

We've also been asked to take part in the "CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS" - Ipswich Got Talent 2016...where all the winners will compete for the ultimate title! How amazing though! It will be an interesting show and can imagine the competition is going to be so high! We won in 2014 and quite honestly, nothing, will EVER take that away from us - so to compete again will be amazing!

We're already booking for Christmas and more Reggie N Bollie shows (check the NEWS for dates!) as well as the midnight walk at ITFC the day before POPTASTIC! So a really busy few months! Can't complain though - as living the dream!

Much Love

Jay x x

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