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Thanks for the help...NOT

Just a quick blog! It's been a mental few weeks trying to promote POPTASTIC as well as performing with "Reggie N Bollie" on there MASH IT UP tour. The show went really well and we've been asked back again which is great NEW DATES added on the NEWS page. The guys were really polite and just ordinary lads trying to make a living! Gabz is always a pleasure to meet - Andy Abraham is a true gentleman and really down to earth, with so much passion for music - it's inspiring! Michael Andre again, just a really top bloke! Rough Copy are mental - we didn't really talk to them a lot as we were on at different times but again they seemed really nice - even trying to jump on one of the dancers cars lol!

The show helps get our name out there (outside of Ipswich) as well as helping us get more people seeing what we do and what we're about! Plus as we have some time off from our show - we're free to do it! However, there are those that love to TRY and shoot us down - the haters, the selfish and the plain rude. I will help promote anyone if they ask me and will always try my best to be a supporter of someone who's trying to make something off their life - whether it being in business or friendship! But it seems within Ipswich a lot of dance companies and performing arts centres aren't interested in helping anyone UNLESS it involves solely on them. It's a shame - especially as 90% of them are govenment funded!! I've messaged pretty much 4 dance schools and colleges and NOT ONE have returned calls or even emailed back to offer any support to help promote POPTASTIC.

Mind you, they say as you get bigger - so do your haters.. Either way I'm not going to stop doing what I do and myself and my girls, our mini fans, kids we teach, parents, family and friends won't let it bring us down!

Much Love

Jay x x

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