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The last few months have been pretty tough - not only has JJD life been pretty mental with teaching, performing and rehearsing but also my personal life which has been thrown around. With being self employed it's hard trying to keep the lines between your personal time and work time seperate. Things become blurred and sometimes it becomes really confusing. I try hard to keep at least one day free - away from dancing and singing (any kind of JJD work) but here I am - updating website! I'm not moaning, as do love what I do but just being honest in what I do. I want next year to be about ME - selfish maybe - but I spend so much time helping others, putting everyone else first, burning myself out to MAKE that party, SEE that friend, mix THAT track, cover THAT year I'm not doing that. Instead I'm going to take some time out for me - travel more - see more friends I don't see - chill more! That's the plan anyway..

POPTASTIC was amazing - so much that I have booked THE IPSWICH REGENT 1,200 SEATER theatre! I'm bricking it and really hope people support it! The date is the 8th MAY 2016 at 6pm - ONE NIGHT ONLY. Tickets can be bought NOW from the box office on 01473 433100. The show in August was such a huge thing for me to do and really hope my dad would have been proud of me for doing it. Thank you to all those that came and watched it - IT SOLD OUT so that meant the world! x

This week has been crazy as I'm currently choreographing the christmas shows for Wherestead Park in Ipswich - "BOLLYWOOD" - such a HUGE challenge but I've got 6 lovely girls that make my ideas a reality. I also judged "Ipswich Has Got Talent" last week with "Britains Got Talent" star "Gabz" who was really lovely plus "X Factors" Andy Abraham who was also a great guy. So strange to be the other side of the judging table! We still are the ONLY dance troupe to have taken the winning title which I'm very proud of!

Can't quite believe it's like 33 days till Christmas - seriously! Where has this year gone! Anyway - hope you are all well! Thanks for reading and see you at a class soon!

Much Love

Jay x x

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