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Wow...what a few months of hard work and it's only just began. The show I am putting together is well underway. I've had a few last minute disasters and changes but it's what is expected when there's a team of 7 performers and schedules to try and work around. We had an amazing photo shoot with the talented Ian Robinson at the Regent which was great fun! Check the photos out in the gallery!

The show will be hitting a theatre in August so I really do hope you all come and watch it. It would mean the world to have a SOLD OUT show especially with all the hard work we're putting in. I get to be creative and try and put all my ideas into practice and although I never thought it was going to be easy - I never realised how hard it would be! I really just hope you all like it!

We've been booked already for Christmas and HUGE events throughout summer - one which is in front of 3000 people - OMG... we're also proud to have been asked back to support the midnight walk again! Which is next week!

Please keep checking back for more information and feel free to have a look around the site and check out the new pages such as POPTASTIC page and MEET THE TEAM!

Much Love

Jay x x

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