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May 2015

"This was never going to be easy"

Wow...what a few months of hard work and it's only just began. The show I am putting together is well underway. I've had a few last minute disasters and changes but it's what is expected when there's a team of 7 performers and schedules to try and work around. We had an amazing photo shoot with the talented Ian Robinson at the Regent which was great fun! Check the photos out in the gallery!

The show will be hitting a theatre in August so I really do hope you all come and watch it. It would mean the world to have a SOLD OUT show especially with all the hard work we're putting in. I get to be creative and try and put all my ideas into practice and although I never thought it was going to be easy - I never realised how hard it would be! I really just hope you all like it!

Sneek peek of poster...

We've been booked already for Christmas and HUGE events throughout summer - one which is in front of 3000 people - OMG... we're also proud to have been asked back to support the midnight walk again! Which is next week!

Please keep checking back for more information and feel free to have a look around the site and check out the new pages such as POPTASTIC page and MEET THE TEAM!

Much Love

Jay x x

March 2015

"Don't let jealousy fool you - it's just another name for insecurity"

I've learnt that a lot this month. It's sad that there are some people "out there" that want the best for you and your dreams while there are others who strive on making your life as difficult as possible!

When I first started "Just Jay Dance" - it was about "Just Jay" just me, trying to figure out what I wanted to do and which direction I wanted to travel in. I was a bit lost and trying to find my feet. There were a lot of people who were quite happy to see me struggle and offer some kind of support, while still keeping me beneath them but soon as I started rising up and gaining more exposure and reaching higher goals and achievements - those "people" didn't like it and I suddenly found myself learning what it was all about. Life is one big race - to what, I don't know. Money? Happiness? Love? All I know is we're in this together - some willing to run others happy to walk...and some wanting to be carried. But you have a choice - you decide to learn what you can, to listen to other opinions, to try new things - YOU decide how you go about this race.

We often talk about how well someones "done" in their life or how amazing someone is doing...but there are those out there that are only happy with that, providing that person, isn't outdoing them! Why?... You chose to walk? They chose to run?

I've worked so hard and will continue to work hard to provide for myself, make the adults laugh while watching the children I teach, learn and grow up to one day over take me in "this race." No one can stop them and no one can stop me. I'm glad some people are jealous of "Just Jay Dance" because it means that "Just Jay" is doing something right :P

Much Love

Jay x x

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

January 2015


How is it already January...seriously! What a year it's been though for JJD - there's been no end of UPS for us even when personally there's been a few downs for me. Especially loosing my Dad which I'd never wish anyone to go through. It made me realise how short life is and also how everything can change in a split second. It made me work even harder and drive me to make changes I didn't first have the strength to do. One of the first things I did was quit DE - I enjoyed being there and learned so much (plus made some lovely friends that I continue to see) but felt that for a long time I was out growing the place. I wanted the freedom to be more creative and push boundaries which they didn't want. After 4 years of being there I decided to leave - it wasn't the greatest leaving party/goodbye I'd have expected after 4 years of hard work and dedication but it just made my decision even MORE clear. Plus I am a commercial/street dancer and singer...and it felt like it was forever contemporary and other styles being pushed forward. So as freelancer I saw an opportunity and took it. My first term has over 60 children booked on so my gut instinct was right. But thank you to all that supported me there and even more to those that stood by me.

New york was amazing - truly a wonderful place where everyone really is so polite and inspiring. I could write 15 pages on what I did but I won't bore you with that! But in a nutshell I did Empire State, Rockafella, Statue of Liberty, saw Aladdin, saw THE Mariah carey (amazing) and shopped till I dropped. I'd recommend anyone to go but remember to always TIP. lol.

The troupe performed at Trinity Park over Christmas and I have to say how proud I am of everyone - including Ms Jake for covering me while I was away. You all did yourselves proud and proved yet again that we can achieve what we put our heads and hearts to. We have ALREADY been booked for another venue THIS CHRISTMAS 2015...flattered isn't even the word.

It's now onwards with this SHOW - I don't think anyone realises yet how tough this is going to be. But soon will be clear! I hope when it's done you will all support us on it and come watch! This is for you anyway :)

Anyway I shall speak to you soon! Freely and openly with no strings or ties!

Much Love

Jay x

* * * * * * * * *

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