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August 18, 2017

Laura's mum Tracy and Jess's mum Sarah, have been fantastic at helping out so thought we'd ask them a couple of questions!



What is your favourite routine so far in the show "Dance Domination"?

T - Jai Ho

S - It's hard to pick a favourite but "Mary Poppins" I love...

What has been the most challenging part of the show?

T - Watching Jay & the girls organising the kids on & off the stage!

S - Not being able to join in!

Is there any particular children that have shocked you in a good way?

T - How good the 2 sets of brothers are, Max & Oscar, Luke & Owen.

S - The younger kids have so much enthusiasm and Lilly May, Freddy and Maisie are a joy to watch!

Which routine do you wish you were in?

T - Hey Mickey 😜

S - Be Italia - although the tambourines look really challenging!

Using one word how would you describe the rehearsals?

T - Exciting 😀(for me )

S - Inspiring 


TODAY IS THE BIG DAY - come watch!!! 

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