As promised...

This pandemic has been hard - it still IS hard and I wanted to do something in return to give back to the kids and parents that have supported me over the years. 

This event is completely FREE as a THANK YOU... (you will need to book a place though) 

It’s a thank you for attending classes, a thank you for sharing my posts, a thank you for allowing me to be myself, a thank you for coming to shows and a thank you for still being there. So once the lockdown is over PENDING 21ST JUNE (and the rules are eased) I’m holding a FAMILY PARTY DISCO and “D-Jay” (me!) will be playing loads of different tracks for you all!


(For example if it’s mum, dad, 2 kids and grandma... you’ll need 5 tickets!) 

The idea is for a social get together... all the kids, the dads, the mums and the families. It’s not a drop off service but instead a time to DANCE, SOCIALISE and SMILE as a family. For EVERY family. Plus you’ll get to see the beautiful NEW venue I’m hosting different events at over the year!

There is a full licensed bar for those wanting a drink and a full light and sound club experience for your family for 2 hours. 

Feel free to invite other friends or family and I’m hoping if this is a great success I’ll do it again. I’m running several events this year at this venue and would love you guys to see it.