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Donation (Click on Quantity to Enter amount)

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With everything going on in the world - I’ve made some mini routine videos for kids to follow and practice on YouTube. Please make sure they follow the “WARM UP” first... 

The reason I’ve done it is, 

1. To keep them active and smiling 
2. To try and make some kind of income (as currently have none) 

Please if you can donate anything (or if you’re self-employed and in the same boat as me) share the videos for me.

My PayPal is or you can pay via the shop and select the amount by clicking how much you’d like to donate (this website takes 10% of each booking) so WHATEVER you can spare x 

I promise the money is to keep “JUST JAY DANCE” going and I promise to do as many videos as I can over the coming weeks. Including quizzes for kids, educational dance videos and also some adult workouts! 

Thank you so, SO much x 
Jay xx