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Is THIS some kind of sick joke?!

Seriously. I’m genuinely waiting for someone to say...

GUESS WHAT EVERYONE... 2020 is just one big April Fools joke

The virus is one thing but then everyone seemed to be made out to be some kind of racist, Boris Johnson is a hero, then a douche bag, Kanye going for president, Wear a mask...don’t wear a mask, dog stealing, Clap for the NHS - but kidnap OUR pride flag, theatres are closed, bingo is open, it’s one bubble, it’s all fake, JK Rowling is the Devil, Tik Tok this and Tik Tok that, Zoom madness, House Party Hacks, grants, credit, mortgage freezes, Black Lives Matter, the curses of Glee and then to top it ALL OFF I’m apparently now a VIRGO and Britney Instagrams are freaking me out.

Seriously 2020 CAN SOD RIGHT OFF.

I’ve been sad, I’ve been emotional, bored, frustrated, lonely, lazy and I’ve even been awake, positive, inspired, active and refreshed! I’ve even LOVED not seeing some people for months. It’s been bliss!

But now...I’m just OVER IT....OVER IT!

The masks. The sanitiser. The kids screaming in the street. I’m over the BINGO halls being open (but I can’t teach) I’m over EVERYONE and their mother being able to work and yet “entertainment” has been treated like a dirty STD. I’m OVER watching “dance teachers” come out of the wood work and actually SEE what they do thanks to “LIVE ON FACEBOOK”

Even the neighbours arguing and make up sex EVERY Monday at 3.12am.

FYI he sounds terrible...


I’m not being negative - I’m just stating a few facts. I LOVED how everyone suddenly wanted to be active and was chanting “support your local companies” and the SECOND Primark opened - “those” leggings were on, the hair was scraped back and that child’s pram was being dragged through town.

Black Lives Matter... well the highlight for me was watching a certain mixed race man dictate to a white woman about how SHE should support him and show her solidarity towards the movement and protest. Yet it was the SAME opinionated mixed race chap that called me and Ryan “a bunch of fa*gots” walking to our peaceful Suffolk Pride last year. But I suppose that’s fine? Because REMEMBER “everyones entitled” to their own opinion - as long as it’s deemed appropriate by the majority... I understand the movement but a protest - in the middle of lockdown. Come on. Those following rules and protesting peacefully... unfortunately your efforts were wasted by those trashing statues, violence, vandalism and criminals just show immaturity and anger. #LeadByExample

I’ve been overwhelmed by the support from some people, friends and parents. Whether it be kind words, money, support, wine... or even just a note to say “if you need anything”

Others, including family members (some I don’t even know HOW I am related to - thankfully I don’t have to see) have shown their true colours and even some friends have.

It’s funny how so many “friends” change once they disappear into their new relationships, new money, new baby or new career. I assumed with so much time on their hands during lockdown some would reconnect. But nope - not a peep. Yet they always find time to text me when it all goes wrong and they need a pity party. Well they’ve got “Samaritans” now because (Guess what..) Yup, I’m over it. Like I said - it’s been BLISS not hearing from some people and yet disappointing with others. But hey ho.. I’m sure we all feel the same with certain people?

I’ve started living by a good rule of thumb on social media (feel free to steal it!)

If anyone mentions or does certain things - it’s an automatic “HIDE THIS PERSONS FEED

So that’s reading or seeing,

  • Hospital selfies

  • Anxiety every single week

  • A million baby/cat/pregnancy pics

  • Shit Zumba

  • Cher is Dead etc..

  • Share this pic or die etc

So you’ll filter out about 70% of your news feed. Thank me later! Is anyone else bored of Facebook/social media yet? I have a feeling its all going to change again soon.

It’s not all been bad - our home is 99% complete. Now if I could just pluck the block of flats opposite us off the street (filled with 2000 Gypsy Romanians in one living room) and stick it somewhere else... maybe the middle of a shark filled ocean. It’d be perfect. Until then I’ll do with my curtains and side eye. I do envy those with a nice garden or those that live in the country!

This whole experience has been an EYE opener and I for one - will take SO MUCH from this experience. I’ve done cooking feeds, quizzes, online classes, game nights and more - which has been fun!

It’s been a learning curve and if you haven’t learnt ANYTHING about yourself, each other or the life around you during this time then - shame on you. Tut tut lol.

Last but not least... “Star Signs”... I’m a Libra - not a Virgo “MR NASA” end of.

Much love

Stay Safe (still!)

Jay x x

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