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Can I speak to the manager.. I’d like to discuss 2020 so far...

Well it’s already March – well saying that it felt like January dragged on forever and February kind of just slipped on past. I made a promise to myself to get the most out of 2020 and I think it’s fair to say I’m doing quite well so far, although I’m exhausted!

After starting the year in Gran Canaria‘s (seeing the new year in with a huge hangover!) I thought it best to start attending auditions/agencies and maybe get some feedback from professionals and people in industry to see what I need to work on/strengthen. I think that’s only downside of running your own don’t have anyone above you guiding you, motivating you, telling you where you’re going wrong or what you’re doing right! So it’s nice to hear from other peoples opinions (that know what they’re talking about!) to help point you in the right direction or put you back on track. I did a couple of auditions and got accepted into an agency, but after reading the contract I decided I wanted to audition a bit more and I’m currently waiting on hearing from a few jobs/work. It was funny to see the nerves that are still there, that feeling of dread waiting behind the audition room door not knowing who is judging you the other side, or where you stand on the level of talent they may have already seen!

This year is supposed to be my “TEN YEAR anniversary!” with running Just Jay Dance and it’s been quite surprising to have some people wanting to help me celebrate that as well as other people/companies that have decided not to help. It kind of hurts especially when you have been loyal, hardworking and it’s same old excuses you’re faced with! I very rarely ask for help or favours from people so when I do ask to meet up with someone or ask someone/company to get in touch to help me plan an event/show/celebration and they can’t even be bothered to reply – it doesn’t get forgotten - it just hurts. I would love to hit the ”big time” just to see WHO would crawl out of the woodwork and claim they “helped” Just Jay Dance (or had some input in our success) ...that honestly did jack shit. You never know. That must be really irritating for celebrities seeing and reading stories from “a close source” when actually that “close source” doesn’t know the celebrity at all! As Jessie J said in her song ”Who’s laughing now”

’Cause I'm in L.A., You think I've made my fame, But FB makes us friends, When you only really know my name”

So true..

I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve got VIP tickets to an event or I’ve got front row tickets to concerts/meet and greets and the amount of “friends” message me asking if I could get them some free seats/into meet and greet... erm nope.

Talking of concerts I recently took my mum to London to see “Phantom of the Opera” which is absolutely fantastic and then later on in the evening “Mary Poppins – the musical” which was also brilliant! Wasn’t too sure on the kids though - the boy was a bit flat in places! I also took my mum to the top of the shard for a champagne experience which was great. I was going to wait till Mother’s Day but I thought “why wait?“ and instead made some amazing memories that I will cherish forever! Time’s short and after loosing Dad, I want to make sure I make the most of the time I have with my mum memorable.

This last weekend we also managed to blag ourselves in to the “Pussycat Dolls” first mini concert since their come back. We taxied from Ipswich to London to arrive at the club to find there was a 4.5 hour queue to get in, which I was not waiting in! So (don’t ask me how) managed to get us to the door and walked us in. I hate queues... we came out at 3am and people were STILL queuing! Madness!

The only downside to the amazing week was waking up to find that my car had been broken into, all from measly £3.80 in change, which had been stolen. I found CCTV footage and a lovely man called “Micheal Taylor” (a known homeless druggie) who thought it would be a wise idea. It wasn't a personal attack on me, but I can‘t let people get away with stuff like that. I’ll be happily standing in court to testify against him. He‘s known to the police and has (in the past) stolen Christmas presents, charity boxes, handbags and personal belonging - yet still hasn’t learnt. When I was in “Autoglass” getting my window repaired the guy next to me coincidently had his car broken into the night before by the same guy. Drugs are a terrible thing and it just shows you how much damage they do to your body, mind and values.

Anyway, this week I’m on BBC RADIO SUFFOLKMix Tape” at 12.40PM every day! So if you’re free, please tune in and have a listen!

Have a great week and as always ”THANK YOU” to those that do support what we do and I’ll see some of you very soon!

Much Love,

Jay x x

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