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First nothing...then everything.

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

It seemed like summer had just begun and now, it's October.

Rather than bore you all (those reading!) with what I've been doing I thought it best to highlight a few memorable moments and not so memorable moments. 

The good first...

So summer was filled with challenging workshops and great nights out, as well as the fact I bought a house! (Well a flat!) It was about time! Plus it's an amazing investment - due to the price being considerably lower after an "incident" from the previous owners. Basically I live on the bottom floor of a two story flat. On the top floor...a husband killed his wife and then killed himself. No I'm not lying... google it. But I'm over it - it was a mental health issue and I've seen one too many horror stories to now be scared. Yes some have frowned upon it but death is death and (If I'm honest) people die in houses everyday. I just happen to have lived below it and moving from renting a place that isn't mine to 2 stories above which IS mine - is a great feeling. The move - even though just up two sets of stairs, was mental. Especially all the decorating, painting, cleaning, tiling and spending! Check out my youtube channel if you're interested in seeing it from drawing board to finished product! It's been a journey!

The classes are doing really well and it's sad but also exciting when the kids move from one class to another (with their age changing!) although it's still nice they've stayed with me till now! Felixstowe classes are going from strength to strength as well as the private schools that I teach in. I always expect numbers to fluctuate but as long as there's new kids coming in - I don't mind kids dropping out lol! 

I managed to go away a couple of times to Salou, Manchester, Leicester, Southend and Brighton and am travelling to Amsterdam in a few weeks too - I do love seeing different parts of the world, country and county! There's always new things to discover and I love meeting new people! Plus saw the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Ariana Grande, "Waitress", "We Will Rock You" as well as seeing my beautiful friend Victoria get married to the handsome Brendan and even saw a few friends conquer some of their own personal demons. It was fun to say the least!

The not so good..

With the good comes the bad too... which I expect but never quite understand, especially when certain things come out of the blue. Like members of the family stirring the pot with situations that happened YEARS ago or friends that enjoy causing drama. I decided this summer that I take on too much and worry far too much with regards to making sure everyone's happy. One example was a day trip where I'd spent the entire time making sure everything was organised, everything was perfect and everyone was happy. The result ended with me being completely miserable. Mainly due to certain people complaining, moaning, being ungrateful and winding each other up...(which usually I'd let go and ignore)

But one thing I can't stand is people that enjoy "stirring the pot" that I (at 35 now) cannot be dealing with - ESPECIALLY when it involves my relationship and work. I was drained and quite honestly couldn't wait to get home away from it. I've always been someone that's blunt - I can't deal with going around the houses! People that "talk/text behind your back" I can't understand it - I never have, even when I was at school. It's cowardly for a start. I'd rather you just say what you feel and "man up" than the stupid Instagram quotes and Facebook riddles. Just say it and sort it. I just remember, a few months back, feeling "What was the point of me sorting all this out to come away feeling like a sack of shit - who am I trying to please?!”

The hard work I put into days out, nights out, trips, experience, day trips, parties and just general "Life experiences" with "Just Jay Dance" to hear the same people (who don't organise anything) moaning "they can't be bothered anymore" - I just thought.. you know what, neither can I.

What's funny's the same family members and friends that moan when they're not invited to something and wonder why! It's also the same people who didn't help us move in, paint, decorate or even send me birthday card. Well guess what - it's their loss. I've made a promise to myself to do WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT with WHO I want and if someone doesn't like it - tough. I'd rather have 1 amazing friend than 200 "best friends" each day of the week - that don't even know you. Either way I'm not mad anymore or even surprised after hearing a few things in the "ripple effect" from other people but instead am more disappointed (in myself) that I've allowed myself to get that involved and let my guard down. But don't worry - it's well and truly reinforced. You live and learn.

Secondly is social bloody media... YES it has it's uses but seriously some people need a break. We don't care about your "Starbucks" latte or the fact your cat got groomed. Instead drink the bloody latte and stroke your cat! I know I'm guilty of it sometimes (mainly due to my business!) But when it's TAG this HASHTAG that, CHECK IN here REVIEWED this. It's exhausting. I think what's more frustrating is these SAME people can spend 3 minutes finding out which HASHTAGS to use but can't #CallYouOnYourBirthday #ArrangeToMeet #PickUpThePhone #ComeToADanceClass #OverIt

The exciting…

Well, I said I wouldn't work over wanted some time off so I wouldn't be spending Christmas worrying about which girl forgot which costume or if certain make up isn't on point. But I was asked to attend a meeting and the opportunity was too good not to take! It's at NEWMARKET RACES and they asked me (after seeing some work of JJD has done) and being recommended by someone... for me to do their Christmas parties! The theme is "ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS!" so think Narnia, Labyrinth, Mid Summer Night's Dream and Alice In Wonderland.

I was flattered and this Christmas we're going all out! I have some NEW additional dancers that are FULL of nerve, positivity, talent and attitude (the good kind!) along with some of the old crew obviously! I'm also going to be singing each night which (for me) is a dream! Next year (being the TEN YEAR anniversary!) we've already been penned to some events and ONE HUGE SURPRISE!

Ten Years... OMG. 

BRING on 2020!

Much Love

Jay x x 

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