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How is it May? Anyone?

I thought I’d do a quick blog to keep everyone updated on the new venue, new gigs and also a bit of info of what’s been going on in the world of “JJD” Firstly the new Gainsborough venue...honestly IT IS A DREAM! Mainly because of the 3 “C’s” CLEANER - CLOSER and CHEAPER!! Plus the friendly staff, vending machines, car parking, disco lights, surround sound and NOT having to lock up, just makes my life a whole lot easier! I thank everyone who’s continued to support the class and now attends the Gainsborough class! Those that can’t travel to Gainsborough... I’m so sorry! But hopefully you can make a couple of the classes now and then? It just wasn’t becoming reasonable anymore and it was taking a huge toll on my own finances! Also I’ve recently found out that they are wanting to build a gym in that studio now... (kids + gym equipment = bad idea if you ask me and they’ll be bored of it within a month) It’s hard sometimes not to be negative especially when things seem to go wrong or not to plan.

This week has probably been one of the worst weeks of 2019. I’ve personally struggled with trying to keep a smile on my face this week. After our performance at Trinity Park for the Midnight Walk, I returned home to find that my house rabbit “Storm“ had died. He took his last little breaths with me in my arms and I think I’ve cried more in three days than I have in 3 years. I miss him so much and although “just a rabbit” as people may think... he was like my little man.

It’s still really hard to talk about. I spent most evenings with him on the sofa watching TV and he became a part of my small family - but I still had to teach, talk, laugh, remain positive and try and smile even though it felt fake.

This weeks classes have been really quiet and it’s hard not to take it personally - especially when several people have “forgotten their money” and never turn up again. On Wednesday while driving to Felixstowe my tyre “blew out” which meant I had to cancel the class (loss of earnings/more money to spend on a new tyre) and today I receive an email from a parent telling me she won’t be bringing her child to my classes anymore/or the LGBTQ pride parade which we are involved in, as she doesn’t agree with homosexuality.

I’ve gone from being angry to being upset to being frustrated and right now I just feel a bit numb and exhausted with it all. The reason I’m telling you this is to show you’re not alone when you’ve had a bad day (or a bad week in my case) shit happens to everybody, me included. The difference with me and some other people is that I try not to let it pass onto other people. Negativity is so contagious and once you catch it it’s hard to get rid of so I try my best to keep it to myself and ride it out. I think because people see my Instagram and my Facebook and think my life is all “strawberries and cream”, it’s really not sometimes... I’m just good at trying to hide it.

It amazes me that even after 9 years of doing “Just Jay Dance” people still try and sabotage, throw shade, disrupt and cause distress at what we do. I know it’s pure jealousy and they are most likely reading this blog “Hey!” - it makes me laugh that they hate what we do so much, yet spend so much time checking my Instagram, trying to cancel my classes, sending spam emails and prank phone calls – it’s a shame they’re not that busy with their business that they have the time to do it. Again, I try to remain positive and let it wash over me - I just hope karma catches up with them. To end on a positive...

The “Midnight Walk 2019” was great and we had such lovely feedback. The girls were amazing and Ryan who did their hair was just fantastic. I’m looking forward to performing the 80s medley at Suffolk Pride (with or without the homophobic mother with her bible there)

I’ve been booked for over 20 workshops throughout the summer/autumn months which is I’m going back to where are used to live in a few weeks to have some much needed time away from everything and everyone. I plan to consume a small rhinos body weight in alcohol.

Please take a look at the RAFFLE competition on the shop if you can! Your support really does help! Anyway, Much GAY Love Jay x x

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