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Finally time to say something...

Well before it actually started it felt like it was over! The feedback from “Pop Goes Decades!” over-exceeded all of our expectations - mainly because it was so difficult trying to put a show together that I wanted everyone to enjoy! But it seemed like I got it right and there was enough for everyone. The hard work that went into the show - like any show - is just ridiculous and yes, sometimes the payoff and benefits of “reap what you sow” don’t always show that, but all the same - we had fun. I don’t want to be negative or be known as the person who whines or moans, but sometimes, I just feel like what needs to be said - needs to be said. Brace yourself. So firstly - the “competition”... I never said anything at the time (as didn’t want to give them the satisfaction or exposure) but another company decided to put on their own performance of “The Greatest Showman“ on the same dates/times as ours! Firstly, there is NO way any company could attain the rights to put on their own adaptation of “The Greatest Showman” especially with how huge it is. So HOW were they? Instead, they ignored this, used false advertising, mimicked the original posters and title and the two performance SOLD OUT. Then the day BEFORE the performance they sent an email to everyone who’d purchased tickets.. explaining “shock horror” that it would now be “Hits from Hollywood Show” with various musical songs but the profit was already made. They’d mugged everyone off. Now common sense to me would know that there’s NO WAY you can perform the whole show of the film! Or any! But to the unbeknown public their money had been spent. I think it’s BAD form on the theatre in question for allowing it and even worse form on the company for profiting on something that ISN’T their work! It’s disgusting. I saw the terrible reviews (which you can see on Twitter and Facebook) heard many walked out, wanted refunds, and some even slated how unprofessional it was. So I’m hoping people will learn that sometimes it isn’t what it says on the tin... do your research. Either way our show went ahead and WAS exactly what it said on the tin and more. The support from those that came... I thank so much and hope it was worth it! But to those same people that didn’t - and had the same lame excuses.. you missed out. If you can’t make a show because of a holiday or occasion - that’s no worries! Illness? No worries! But don’t tell me you’re coming and then DAYS before “you have no money” “forgot” or “made other plans”...thats just disappointing. Especially those that had no money to buy our £10 ticket but could afford to spend £80+ in the same month to see Ed Sheeran.

It did make me laugh those that forgot what they’d told me “I can’t make the show as I’m away that weekend” to then see your “check in” post at Cineworld. I’m sure Peter Rabbit couldn’t wait. I’m looking forward to receiving their email next year asking to do their charity fete and replying back with the same... #PeterRabbitAppointment

However I don’t want to overshadow the people that did come! It means so much to all of us! Whether you’re a partner or parent, a family or friend! It’s so upsetting to see empty seats at ANY performance! It was nice to finally offer a trip with Gainsborough Library so that other children could come and watch a show with their parents! Especially seeing the children at the classes afterwards and hearing what their favourite was! One thing I’ve noticed more than ever this summer is the amount of (SOME) parents moaning that there’s nothing to do for the kids - really? (Mainly ones that don’t attend the kids dance classes and are random “friends” on my Facebook tbh!) Also so many moaning there’s no events going on in their area - really? Then reading that kids are bored - really? Shops are shutting down - pubs are closing - companies are falling apart because YOU fail to use them. Instead people buy everything online suffocating local shops, people support overpaid artists and entertainers that do NOTHING for your town and lastly parents that buy their children an iPad/iPhone than something that will improve their health, fitness and wellbeing... then moan their child is overweight, has anxiety, self confidence problems. People wonder why? Anxiety/obesity/depression in children is on the rise (more so now than ever) and why?... because they sit inside glued to their iPhones, reading fake news, seeing airbrushed pictures, reading the worst, cutting out the good and watching the world through the eyes of the media than GOING OUT and experiencing the world and all it’s beauty. I’m not saying BAN ALL TECHNOLOGY as it has also helped so many people, the police, teachers, scientists and medicine etc. But the world would be so much more healthier and happier if it was monitored more. Especially with children growing up in a world drowning in it. The new kids term has started quietly but is slowly picking up - I have contemplated putting the price of PAYG option up with the rising price of my insurance and room hire next year. (Those that want to know how much I actually pay to put on these classes - please do email me and I’ll gladly show you) you’ll then see I’m not “rolling in it!” Haha! The fitness classes are great and tbh is one of the highlights of my week - it’s nice chatting to all the guys and girls that come. Everyone is really laid back and friendly and I’m thinking of doing a “Fitness friends” event - go out for some drinks or social evening..thoughts? Maybe even a parent night out lol. Halloween is fast approaching (which I love) and Christmas will soon be thrown at us shortly after that! We’re at Wherstead Park this year running the entertainment “AUSTIN POWERS!” that starts end of November through till the week before Christmas! Busy busy! I’m also doing the ITFC Christmas party for 5th year too and hoping to have some tickets to giveaway for a competition to meet the players and party. Exciting stuff! Lastly we’re on a mini tour this week with “POPTASTIC!” Heading to WELLINGBOROUGH... which is very surreal! But also very exciting! On the road with JJD!! Lol... I hope everyone has a great Autumn and it’ll be Christmas before you know it! Lol... and then 2019. Wow. Much love Jay x x 

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