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How wrong was I?

So I’m writing this as I sit on a plane to Gran Canaria. I do love it here (think this is my 8th trip) I can genuinely see me buying a bar or investing in a small apartment here. It’s relaxed, friendly and the weathers always lovely in comparison to England’s 4 days of summer. 

So after Christmas had finished and the new year kicked in, I didn’t really have major plans or gigs sorted with the troupe. I know January is usually a bit quiet but we were well into March and I still hadn’t really been put forward to perform with the troupe. Usually you attend lots of meetings and await to hear from the council or have to just pester them to put you at these events. These events are so important to us as it gives people a chance to actually meet us and watch us teach or perform which then promotes the classes, the shows and just “what we do!” By the 1st April we had been booked for 27 shows and workshops - some I can’t disclose yet as the finer details are being sorted but I can write some of the events below! Midnight walk (5th year running) Need for Speed Maritime Festival FITeast Music Day in the Park Wherestead Park does “Austin Powers” PLUS we’ve got our show “POP GOES DECADES” on the 15th September 2018 - 2.30 & 7.30 which I would really appreciate your support on! Without it I can’t continue to do what I do. A ticket is only £10 for a child or £12 for an adult! I really throw everything I can at the shows (which I’m sure you’ve realised by now!) and having a full audience is the the cherry on the top for me and the girls. Even if you really can’t attend either of the shows - handing out leaflets, posters, telling people or inviting other people to the event helps me just as much. 

I try not to be negative as I’m quite a happy person 90% of the time but there are the nasty individuals that like to spoil things, bring me and the girls down or try and put walls in my way. The thing is I may have to stop for a little while and not be able to pass through “the wall of negativity” but eventually I will find the right tools to break through it and continuing doing what I do. All it does is make me stronger and more determined. Think everyone needs to remember that if someone is “hating” on you then you’re clearly doing something right as you’re a threat and their life must be so boring. Anyway for those that have already taken leaflets, passed on the word OR EVEN BETTER bought tickets THANK YOU!! It really does mean so much. Now not to make you jealous but the planes about to land and I got figure out where the nearest bar is #TimeToRelax Much love Jay xx  

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