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If it wasn't "Zumba" it's was "FITSTEPS" and if "BOKWA" didn't grasp you it's now some Shabam!? What the hell is next?! #Dancewithapolewhilejivinginheels?

Now (before people start having a go) let me explain my frustration... 

I have danced since I was 7 - performed all over the world and built my company up from the ground. I've grafted so hard and sacrificed relationships, nights out, time and sometimes happiness to make "Just Jay Dance" what it is. 

I HAVE been paid as a dancer on tours and cruises and understand music / rhythm / BPM / staging / fitness and general dance movement! 

So hearing that there's people out there doing either a few months course or even worse; a day course?!?...and shouting from the roof tops that they are now a "dancer" - is a joke and quite insulting!

In NO other job would you attend a course in a day and come out and go "I am a plumber - where's your leak"

They may have a "certificate" knocked up on Microsoft word - they may even have the official "dance gear" and look like a fancy dress version of Missy Elliot.... but it doesn't mean they are any good! 

How does this affect me?

Let me explain..,

Because some of you have attended these classes – hated them (because quite frankly they are shit) and then never want to attend a dance fitness class again!! Including mine. 

When actually SOME of us are actually amazing at what we do - because we DO dance, we ARE fit, we HAVE years of EXPERIENCE! 

Last week I came home after teaching a dance class...and someone had written on Facebook...

"Just attended an amazing Zumba class - thank you ********  see you next week!" (With a video attached) 

So I sat back, clicked PLAY and pretty much had to pick my jaw off the floor. It was the BIGGEST JOKE EVER - the "instructor" if you can call them that - had the energy of a dead rabbit at the side of the street, looked unenthusiastic and had absolutely NO RHYTHM! They didn't stick to the counts of music, there was NO structure, the music wasn't mixed and they were about as “fit” as a pack of chicken nuggets. Plus the few moves they did...repeated about 200 times. 

It wasn't a Zumba class..

The same moves - no structure - no effort and quite frankly a JOKE. You want a Zumba class?? "Kat Miller" she IS a Zumba teacher and SHE IS A DANCER and you WILL love Zumba. That's just Zumba.. 

There are SO many classes out there with the same awful people teaching awful routines and representing dance teachers, fitness instructors and people like me in SUCH a bad light! 

Now if I wasn't a dancer or an instructor and I had attended this unfortunate class which I'd seen on this video - I would NEVER try Zumba again...let alone another dance class.

So that got me thinking... HOW MANY PEOPLE have tried a bad dance class and because of how BAD the class was, it has ruined the chances of them ever returning to another?

Plain and simple - just because they or "you" have a certificate saying you're a qualified instructor - DOES NOT make you or them..

1. Professional 

2. A fitness/dance guru 

3. Any bloody good...

Saying that, SOME people have qualified and are AMAZING (you have to start somewhere) but they work at their trade before boasting they are the next "strictly" legend. Plus these GOOD teachers HAVE dance experience/training/worked hard and actually know what choreography IS and NOT just the same grapevines, box steps and ball changes! 

If you're looking at your "dance teacher" at the front and they look like they haven't broken into a sweat and their body shape isn't what your aiming for... maybe think to yourself "if this class isn't working for them - how is this going to work for me?"

Do me favour - if you hated your last aerobic class - they were probably terrible. Give someone else a chance before scratching "DANCE CLASS" of your list.

Much love

Jay x 

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