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Laura's Q&A

Laura is the first girl to answer the list of questions on her experience with "Dance Domination" rehearsals... Check it out below!

What is your favourite routine so far in the show "Dance Domination"? Spice girls! The girls have worked really hard on their characters and have blossomed in confidence which is always lovely to see! What has been the most challenging part of the show? Putting it altogether - getting the children on and off stage quickly and efficiently, and spreading out! Is there any particular children that have shocked you in a good way? I think the boys have worked really hard and really impressed me. There aren't as many of them compared to the girls but they are really making the stage their own and I've really enjoyed working with them. Which routine do you wish you were in? Beauty and the Beast - I want to be a princess too! Using one word how would you describe the rehearsals? "CRAZY!" 

Come back tomorrow to read Abi's answers!! 

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