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The next step...

I've always been told (since I was little) that before I've even finished one project - I'm working already on another. I suppose the only downside of doing that is that I never really spent time appreciating what I'm doing in that very moment because I'm too focused on what I'm going to do next.

I love teaching don't get me wrong and it still amazes me that even now, 6/7 years later, there are still things that surprise me – amaze me – and shock me with teaching. I suppose that's what keeps it exciting and the reason why am still doing it, as usually I only last about 2/3 years in a job before getting bored. 

But one thing I want to do more than anything this year is put on more shows, that's where my passion is - PERFORMING. There is no greater buzz then stepping out on stage and feeling the immense pressure of people watching you sing and/or dance. I don't think I'll ever grow tired of performing as it's such a huge part of me. I know plenty of dance teachers and singing teachers that often talk about hanging up the dance shoes and I always feel a sense of sadness about that and pray that I will never need/want to do that...ever.

The last couple of months have been pretty tough if I'm honest, the same people trying to get something for nothing, the same companies trying to screw me over and the same people still trying to pull me down – but they all fail and that will make me stronger. It's just a jealously thing and I know that!

 It's been really nice this week to teach all the children about bullying within the dance class and what it means to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. If one child can walk away from a dance class and feel more confident about themselves and less alone in school (which if we're all honest - is a scary place) then I can sleep better at night knowing I've done the right thing. It was so sad to hear some of the children, some aged 5/6, telling me that someone at school was bullying them. So I hope my advice and encouragement helps them in some way.

Anyway I should really get to bed as it is the early hours of the morning I'm hoping next week I'll have a clearer plan and what exactly I am doing this year with Just Jay Dance, "Dance" and me.

Much love 

Jay xx

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