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Let's work something out...

So I've been having a think (plus after listening to many of you) I've decided to put the class prices up by a staggering.... £1.

But I thought it would be nice for me to break down costs to maybe help some of you understand what it costs to actually run a class. 

Ok so let's say the class is £4 (which it has been for the last 6/7 years!) and I have 25 people turn up...(so £100!) Not bad for an hours work... 

Then let's work out the out goings and costs I incur..(some differ hence the 2 prices!) 

Room hire - between £20/£30 per hour

Insurance - between £2/£5 per class

Assistant - £7 (x2 sometimes)

PPL licence / DBS / Petrol = £15/£30

So we're left with about £35/£55

Still not TOO bad...

Then let's divide that by the HOURS it takes me to choreograph a routine / answer your emails/questions / mix the tracks / get there and back / plus let's not forget the equipment PAT testing/ updating website I'm left with about £5 (which then pays for the free biscuits and tea we provide) lol...

Now you COULD argue (if you were that tight) that I don't have to PAT test every week - or I repeat some routines OR that I have 3 classes in the same room so I have no travelling. But let's remember the first number I said... IF 25 people turned up. 

On Thursdays BEGINNERS class - only 4 turned up. Four. FOUR PEOPLE...that doesn't even pay for room hire and crap ASDA biscuits. 

Now it's not me having a go - you win some and lose some and I love what I do! If I wanted to be rich I wouldn't have chosen the entertainment self employed path! 

So when you notice the class has gone up by £1 - please know it does go to use and isn't me being greedy. If you do some research you'll notice most classes START at £5 and go all the way to £7.50...(wow I know)

Anyway - the NEW term will be open NEXT WEEK!! First come - first serve..with the added £1.

Have an amazing Christmas if I don't speak to you before! It's been a fantastic term and honestly can't believe it's already Christmas... where has the year gone. Your kids have been just amazing and with the much needed support I get from the best of you - keeps me going. 

Much love 

Jay xx 

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