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You win some....

As if it is October already... it feels like it was only starting to get warm last week. However saying that -we can't complain as it has been nicer this year I feel! I'd much rather the hot than the cold though!

Since being back from USA I really haven't stopped - meetings, invoicing, sorting out the new term, catching up with friends and also trying to juggle shows we have coming up too! The kids disco was MENTAL - over 70 children turned up, so I will sort another one soon!

As some of you know we were asked to enter "Ipswich Has Got Talent" for the FINAL time, which (If I'm honest) knew from the start we wouldn't win. I don't know if it was because I felt a few people had seen the success we'd made ourselves after winning the first time and maybe thought "they don't need to win again" or maybe luck just wasn't on our side...I have my theory anyway....

I've had NO END of people talking to me this week saying that the guy that won wasn't justified to win - regardless of us - and there were people who performed better than he did - "apparently" - but they are entitled to their opinions. I was shocked too as really thought a certain female singer had it in the bag! I have my opinion which I'll gladly tell people IF they ask me - some felt the "Beyoncé Experience" wasn't appropriate for the family show (especially the outfit) and felt a little awkward watching it. I didn't know where to look to be honest either. The sound and lights were amazing this year and Shelley and her whole team are just pure amazing to work with. I did feel a little under current of jealously from SOME of the other acts that clearly think they're above it all and seem to have a rod up their ass. The kids all made us banners and posters and that in itself was just amazing! Regardless of what haters think or say...we've put on our show "POPTASTIC" at the regent - not supported - or just a 5 minute slot...but our OWN 2 hour show with 800 people watching. TWICE. That is winning for me - hence when they called the winner out, I just smiled and thought "okay...onwards and upwards - is this going to affect me? No. Will it dampen my spirit? No. Do I regret taking part...No" So no harm done. Plus we will only ever be the ONLY DANCE TROUPE to have WON "Ipswich Has Got Talent" - Have that haters... :P

I had my BIRTHDAY to look forward to! So off to Paris I went (for the day) straight to Disneyland! It was so awesome - however "Terror Tower" lift has got to be the worst ride EVER - see picture attached ha hahahaha!!. I then spent Tuesday driving to London to watch Miss Britney Spears who was doing a private ONE OFF SHOW at the Roundhouse - which was absolutely EPIC! I won't bore people with how amazing she was - no she didn't sing but the show itself and performance was just something I could only dream of and a huge inspirational career I could only ever hope for!

I have 20 shows to choreograph for Christmas as well as putting together a show for HALLOWEEN at Christchurch Park for the second year running! I can't wait - it's gonna be a scream! Hope to scare you there!

Much Love

Jay x x

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