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Not long now...

Can't believe how quickly this show is coming around! It's crazy! I really hope people will enjoy it - the show concept is still the same and some of the numbers are also the same from the last one at the Seckford Theatre! However I wanted a bigger opening and more dance numbers in this one! So that's what I've tried to do!

The kids in the DANCE TERM were absolutely amazing performing a few of the songs they've done over the last term! It's really difficult trying to put something together when some are PAYG and some pay for the term! But I'll always try to create something for the parents to watch what they've learnt! The mini movers, juniors and crew class did themselves (and me) proud! Next term is OPEN NOW - just head over to the NEW DANCE TERM page! I can't wait to have some of them support us in "POPTASTIC!" at the Regent theatre!

The girls have been great this time around with the show

- Laura has been a great help with being dance captain (making sure choreography is kept all the same and looks tight!) whilst also emailing hundreds of schools and community groups! Vicky has tried to reach out to the elderly and disabled centres. Some have been great at getting back to us, while others haven't even taken the time to reply...which is a shame especially when we've worked with some of them before. Kirsty, Nat, Abi and Annette have all choreographed some numbers within the show which is also a nice help (not because I'm lazy lol!!) but I'm so busy doing everything else from producing the show to costumes, music, promoting, designing, mixing, choreographing (and also learning my songs/routines!) so to have help is great and takes some of the pressure off...thank you girls! Daniella is still very new and my main focus for her, is just for her to keep doing a great job fitting into the role of being in JJD with learning the routines and songs - which she is :)

Anyway - some exciting news to announce next week - think 80s - think support - think soon

Much Love

Jay x x

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