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A month of X FACTOR celebs!

Well first what an amazing end to the year! We went out in London and ended up partying with the lovely XFACTOR WINNER "Louisa" - such a lovely girl with an AMAZING voice at such a young age! I just hope she looks after it and doesn't wear it down before she reaches 20! Not only did we get to see a huge 00's icon "Cascada" but met the lovely "Fleur East". Her single "Sax" is storming the charts and is my new top song on my ipod! She was really down to earth and spent some time chatting with myself and the "Just Jay" girls before people around us started getting a bit excited...the fame hasn't gone to her head and even had time for a chat and photo with us. If only they were all that nice! "Fame" does weird things to people and although I can understand why some people let it go to their heads, it really is a shame especially when the "fame" over steps the actual talent!


Finally we're allowed to tell you that we're supporting X-Factor Runners Up "Reggie N Bollie" as well as performing again with the lovely Gabz, Andy Abraham. Also joining us will be X Factors "Rough Copy" and Celebrity D.J "Michael Andre"

Tickets are nearly SOLD OUT so book quick while you - and if you haven't already, PLEASE book your tickets now to come watch our very own production of "POPTASTIC!" at the Ipswich Regent Theatre on the 8th May 2016! "Little Mix" - "Fleur East" and "Justin Bieber" to name but a few appear in the mix! The support really does mean alot and without the bums on the seats there is no show!

See you there!

Much Love

Jay x x

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