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One thing I've learnt over the last few years, are the true colours of people in different situations. Not just relationships and friendships, but the way people act in and out of work. I suppose we all have different "masks" which we wear for protection or because we fear looking vunerable or exposed - it's not those "masks" that bother me. Its the masks that people wear to pretend they are something they clearly aren't and use your generosity as a weapon against you.

I needed so much help starting out with Just Jay Dance (JJD) and not many people came to the resue - whether it be a room to hire, or even for them to support a workshop/event. Yet now the gigs are better and I'm going places with more high profile clients, access to bigger events or shows, certain people come out of the woodwork. It'd prefer honesty and for someone to be like that from the start than to be constantly disappointed with peoples motives and personality changes.

I believe that even in the worst possible times of a relationship or friendship you should still maintain dignity and kindness - that shows more to me than 100 hugs or 1000 kisses when your together being happy, if someones able to do that - even if they are hurting, it would mean so much more. I hope people see me as "What you see is what you get" - yes I have several masks on for when I'm upset or feeling down because I can't turn up to a dance class looking sad - people don't want to see that! However - if you ask me for an honest opinon or whether or not I'm truly happy, excited, scared or hurting - I will always tell you.

Much Love

Jay x x

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