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It's amazing that only a few years ago I was begging people to let us perform OR let me teach in their school. Now people are calling me and I'm turning work away with how busy JJD has become. One show seems to finish and before long another show is booked! I find it quite flattering and humble still, when we are asked to perform at any event - whether it be a school or a huge event at a festival! We have recently been asked to perform at RUN OR DYE (3000 people!) and ITFC open day which we're excited for!

The main project which is taking up about 95% of my brain is obviously "POPTASTIC" which is getting closer and closer by the day! My stomach turns when I think about it - just because the amount of work that is still left to do and because I want it to be the best for the audience! PLEASE if you haven't got your tickets head over to the POPTASTIC page and book some - it would mean the world to us all!

All the dates for the NEW dance term are avaliable now - INCLUDING the new 11-16 YEARS "CREW" CLASS as thought it would be nice to have an older group! I am also running some Frozen, Hip Hop, Street Dance and Musical Theatre workshops throughout the summer as well!

If you can't make those or the show check out the NEWS page to see where we're next performing or running a FREE workshop! Thanks again for the constant support and love!

Much Love

Jay x x

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