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I can't actually believe it - not only did we win "Ipswich has got Talent" dance act but we won the overall WINNER. We decided to give half the money to cancer research in memory of my dad and other people who some of the team have lost as well. The other half paid for the costumes - not that it matters because it was such an amazing feeling to WIN. To be told "I'm not a dancer" and "You've not been trained" to then be crowned WINNER was just fantastic. Thank you to all the girls, the friends and families that came and supported us. The parents of children I teach as well as the children cheering us on and also to the incredible team at the regent theatre - it was such an honour. We've been given the prize of also doing a promotional video and performing at various venues as well!

We've got some new Halloween shows coming up in a brand new club called "Carbon" in Stowmarket which we're really excited to be doing as well as filming for a community based television show AND if that wasn't enough we've just finished doing Suffolk Fashion Week and are currently rehearsing for "CHRISTMAS PANTO" at Trinity Park for the second year running! So it's all very busy but I couldn't be happier with finally being recognised for the hard work we've all put in! Britains Got Talent audition went really well and we will find out in 4-8 weeks! Just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who's helped spread the word of JUSTJAYDANCE and to those that tried to destroy it - you only made me stronger :)

Much Love Jay x

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