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Proud I hope.

Never in my life have I been so busy with events - but it's all good. I struggled so much years ago to pull parents in and maintain the class numbers and it finally feels like the hard work has suddenly started to pay off. I'm busy choreographing "Suffolk Fashion week" while working on a Christmas panto I've written for Trinity Park Christmas shows! We're also in the final of "Ipswich Got Talent" which is a week Saturday at "The Regent" theatre - wish us luck! Tickets are still on sale!

Talking of talent shows "Britains Got Talent" contacted me personally and have asked to see us next month - I'm not expecting anything from it as we're far from "Diversity" but the researchers said that they are interested in the story of how we came about and the "family friendly" approach we have using comedy.

It's my 30th next week - oh dear god - time has flown, it really has. But I look back on things I've done and feel quite proud of what I've achieved - still onwards and upwards! This will be the first year I don't have my Dad with me on my birthday which is going to be tough, but I hope somewhere he's watching me and I'm doing him proud.

Much Love, Jay x x

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