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17th May 2014

It's been an interesting couple of months as some of you may know. There's been highs and lows but I suppose it's what makes you a stronger person. I've been pretty busy choreographing and coming up with ideas for new events to keep with the times plus always trying to push the boundaries a bit more with taking risks.

Doing the 13 MILE MIDNIGHT WALK (see NEWS page) was amazing and such a honour to have been asked. It about ruined my feet and shoes but I did it in memory of my Dad and we've managed to raise £1,068.56 so far which is just crazy. I personally would like to thank everyone who donated - however big or small!

I'm really looking forward to the summer - I can't stand the rain plus not a fan of the cold. I think it brings the worse out in people! There are people who like to put me down (even now) and try and ruin what I've built. But I know as long as I'm true to myself and provide what I believe is right and honest - they can try all they want. It's mainly other dance troupes/companies which run on either greed, bad mouthing people or just do it for the money - I do it because I enjoy it and am passionate about entertainment. Singing, dance, poetry, DJ, music,'s about bring people together and finding a connection within that. As long as you're happy - does it matter?

It's scary watching kids grow up in my classes - it makes me feel old when half of them don't know what a cassette tape is and have no idea who "The Spice Girls" were... it's all "One direction" or "Gangnam Style" - Still even now! But I suppose that's life!

Anyway I hope you're all well and look forward to seeing you soon! Please feel free to follow me on "Twitter" below or "Facebook" to keep up to date with things!

Much Love, Jay x

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